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16" fashion BJD created from resin by Emilia.

Inamorata Body - Head Sculpts  - Inamorata Skintones - Exchangeable Hands

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The Inamorata Body

The Inamorata are 16" fashion ball jointed dolls and are made of polyurethane resin. The dolls have 21points of articulation including double jointed elbows and knees, as well new hip joint type. The doll come with 4 pairs of exchangeable hands (read more about the hands below). The Inamorata dolls can also wear fashions and shoes from other 16" fashion dolls such as Avant Guards, Numina and Sybarites. Their torsos are a little shorter than other 16" dolls (closer to Deva Dolls) and their heads are a little smaller (closer to AGs). The comparison photo below is used with permission of Liane Laughlin and you can find more at her flickr.

The exact measurements of the Inamorata are as listed in the photo below.

The Inamorata body was inspired by the body of a modern dancers and athletes. It's a healthy toned body with long lean muscles that have definition but are still feminine. She has the long legs of a catwalk model, but is still naturally and beautifully proportioned. The body has a lot of carefully sculpted details such as elegant collar bones, ankle bones, wrinkles on her palms and soles of her feet, and general muscle definition. The joints have been carefully designed keeping lingerie in mind so that the skimpiest bra and undies can cover the main torso joints. One exceptional thing Inamorata has to offer is the new hip joint type. Instead of a slitted ball to connect the hips and thighs there is a mobility joint often used in the larger BJDs, and more importantly the buttocks are sculpted as a part of the legs. This improvement allows the buttocks to move with the legs, the derrière to change shape naturally while posing. Of course this also grants a gorgeous silhouette in lingerie.

To see more photos click here.

The Inamorata Head Sculpts

There are two Inamorata head sculpt so far and they are listed here in order of appearance. Miao's default skintone is Peach and Nnaji's Chocolate (see list of skintones below). Emilia is also working on new sculpts such as CHARO - Latina / Mixed Origins and  DORA - All American Pin Up Girl.


Inamorata Skintones

The default skintones are Peach for Miao and Chocolate for Miao, but Inamorata dolls can be custom ordered in any skintone you want (SEE COMMISSION INFO). So far there are 6 different skintones and they have been used on following dolls:

  • Milk - not released yet
  • Almond - Anemone OOAK
  • Peach - Miao prototype, Mirroball OOAK, Inro LE40, Craie OOAK
  • Latte - not released yet
  • Chocolate - Nnaji prototype, Kenya OOAK, Aimant OOAK, Grès OOAK, Cherub LE20, Seraph LE20 
  • Coffee - Masai OOAK, Gamut OOAK


The Exchangeable Hands

All Inamorata dolls come with 4 pairs of exchangeable hands including a right fist, left writing hand, left hand for pointing and holding narrow objects, right hand for holding larger objects, left open tense hand and a left relaxed hand. There is also a pair of dressing hands for getting the hands through narrow sleeves without breaking fingers and poking through the fabric. The prototype hands are featured in the photo below:

The hands are easily exchanged by hooks the hands on to the elastic cord inside the arms. The important thing is just to keep the old hand attached until you hook in the new one so that the elastic cord won't escape inside the arm. Also, ease the hands to their place slowly as the snap back might break the resin.

Here is how you change the Inamorata hands:

Make up

All Inamorata dolls have hand painted bodies, faces and eyes. All the dolls have applied top lashes and some have applied bottom lashes as well. The OOAKs are all made personally by our designer Emilia Nieminen, who uses artist quality acrylics, aquarelle pencils and pastels to paint the dolls. The limited edition dolls are based on Emilia's prototype doll, but airbrushed and hand painted by few artists in our factory under Emilia's direct supervision. Emilia also personally quality inspects every single doll and makes touch ups where required. We want every Inamorata doll to have personality and to look alive. 

If you want to order an OOAK Inamorata doll with a special make up of your choosing use the contact form to book an appointment. You can also place a custom order for an Inamorata doll in any skin tone you wish.

The Inamorata Wigs

Inamorata dolls come with hard cap wigs that are designed my Emilia Nieminen and hand-made by PattaArt. Hard cap wigs differ from traditional wigs in that the hair is gluedone by one on a hard cap, as the name suggests, instead of sewing it a soft half ball shaped net cap. This makes it possible to create a natural hairline, change hair fall direction and to create elaborate updos and even modern short hair cut styles, which wouldn't be possible with traditional wigs.

Naturally, Inamorata dolls can wear wigs from other brands as well. The doll head size is about 5" or 12,5cm meaning they can share Sybarite and Avant Guard wigs etc. The older Sybarite wigs fit well, the newer ones are a bit loose as the head size of Raja, Inque and V3 is larger than of old sybs. Integrity Toys AG wigs are a snug fit and the right size in Monique wigs should be 4,5-5". Hard cap wig artists such as PattaArt and Ilaria are also able to take commissions for OOAK wigs in Inamorata size.

The hard cap wigs featured above are made by Ilaria, Anthony, PattaArt and Michael in Hawaii.


Inamorata fashion are all original emiliacouture designs by Emilia Nieminen. OOAK Inamorata dolls wear unique haute couture fashions hand made by Emilia. These garments are mostly hand stitched and extremely labour intensive creations and take weeks or months to complete. Emilia also accepts commissions for creating original OOAK fashions for other fashion dolls. The limited edition Inamorata dolls wear hand made fashions sewn by select seamstresses. LE fashions are based on Emilia's prototypes and still include many intricate details such as the hand made and painted bamboo slip armour plating in the fashion on the first limited edition Inamorata doll Inro (LE40).

You can find many examples of emiliacouture designs on Emilia's flickr galleries.


Inamorata shoes are all designed by Emilia and she hand sculpts the prototype heels herself. Inamorata have a serious shoe fetish so all the heels have special detail put into them. So far there are 3 heel sculpts:

Inamorata dolls can also share shoes with other 16" fashion dolls but their feet have a higher arch than most dolls. Inamorata toes are also sculpted with big toes separate from others so that they can also wear sandals with between toes straps. 

In addition to shoes Inamorata dolls come with a variety of other accessories. We are planning on making accessory packs to be sold separately: including shoes and purse sets, make up items such as powder compacts and lipsticks, as well as other diorama items. There are also plans for some Inamorata furniture in store for future.


All Inamorata dolls come with a clear Lucite square stand with Inamorata logo carved into them (see above). The stands have a extendable steel rod to adjust the height for different shoes and poses and a clear resin saddle for the doll to sit on.